Twitch Ambassador Program

The MTGA Assistant Twitch Ambassador program creates value for content creators by promoting their live streams on our AetherHub and MTGA Assistant websites and apps. More eyes on your stream every time you go live. The automatic sponsoring system embeds live streams on and frontpages, in addition to the MTGA Assistant app.

Live embeds from websites mean your viewer count increases, which means more visibility on Twitch. This is the only legally viable option to boost your stream. We are making this available to every streamer that plays MTG Arena. It works automatically without any manual onboarding.

No sign-up is required; get started within 2 minutes by:

  • Having a Twitch channel
  • Downloading and installing MTGA Assistant
  • Include "MTGAassistant" somewhere in your status on Twitch
  • Play MTG Arena

The system will pick up your stream within ten minutes and display it randomly with other live streamers on our MTG app and websites. Having an active sponsoring feature on AetherHub, we have helped hundredths of content creators by promoting their streams. You support us; we promote you. We grow together.

Make sure to include the word MTGAassistant in your status. Letter casing does not matter. You can make it part of a sentence. Below are examples of phrases you can include in status messages:

  • MTGAassistant Ambassador
  • Sponsored by
  • Check out MTGA Assistant
  • Streaming MTG Arena with Mardu Aggro #mtgaassistant
AetherHub Creator

Want more value as a Twitch or Youtube creator? Check out the AetherHub Content creator program, which allows you to post your Youtube MTG Content directly on the AetherHub website. It also opens up the opportunity to earn revenue with the TCGPlayer Affiliate system.

Twitch Extension

MTGA Assistant Twitch Extension
  • - Share MTG Arena decks
    • Pulls your currently played deck from MTG Arena and shares it with viewers.
  • - Exportable decklists
    • Users can copy decklists with a click of a button.
  • - Non-intrusive design
    • Design that fits the game and does not intrude. Displays details if viewers hover cards.
  • - Focus on gaming
    • No manual work is required. We handle your deck information so you can concentrate on your stream.
  • - Hide and Show button
    • Sleek design that is only displayed when users hover over your stream.
  • - Easy setups
    • Install MTGA Assistant and Twitch Extension. Sync your AetherHub account and add the Twitch key, and you are ready.
  • - Left or Right alignment
    • Decklists can be popped in from the left or right as streaming layouts varies.