Land 43.2%
Non-land 56.8%
Pheres-Band Brawler
Guul Draz Mucklord
Hagra Constrictor
Dauntless Survivor
Joraga Visionary
Moss-Pit Skeleton
Scale the Heights
Easy Prey
Heartless Act
Soul Shatter
Vastwood Fortification
Warbriar Blessing


Deck tracker, draft helper, collection summary, deck statistics and metagame analytics. The most feature complete MTG Arena extension out there.

Deck Tracker
Deck Tracker

Overview of cards left in library and the chance to draw them.

Draft Helper
Draft Helper

Ratings and comments to help you pick the right cards. Tracks what cards you already own.

Collection Summary
Collection Summary

Tracks your total collection progress, sorted by color, rarity, and set.

Compete in Ladders
Ranked Ladder

Compete in one of the ranked or event ladders.

Set Collection Summary
Set Summary

Full overview of collection progress per set, divided into rarities.

Deck Statistics
Deck Statistics

All ranked and event matches with each deck are logged.

Metagame Advisor
Metagame Advisor

Metagame summary that tells you how many wildcards you need to build each deck.

Game Summary
Game Summary

Match summary after each game, identify the opponents deck with the Deck Inspector.

Draft Log
Draft Log

The tracker logs all your drafts and stores each individual pick you did.

Mass Crafting

Compiles a list of all cards you are missing into a decklist

Everything you need in one Extension with MTGA Assistant

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MTGA Assistant

  • - Deck tracker
    • Know what cards are left in the library and the chance to draw them.
  • - Draft helper
    • Ratings and comments help you pick the right cards.
  • - Collection Summary
    • Track your total collection progress, sorted by color, rarity, and set.
  • - Seasonal ranking ladders
    • Ranking ladder, compete with your team to take the top.
  • - Metagame
    • Decklists, writeups, deck guides and videos from Content Creators.
  • - Compare decks
    • Compare decklists to your collection, displays missing cards.
  • - Automatic updates
    • Updates are pushed automatically.

Join the Promotion program

The MTGA Assistant app is part of the Overwolf Partners Program that lets content creators get paid by promoting the MTGA Assistant app. You get an unique link to promote and get paid for each install of MTGA Assistant. Rough revenue estimates: 100,000 views per month usually lead to 780 installs, or ~$500 per month. This varies greatly based on the size and engagement of your audience.

Promotion Fees

  • $0.80 per unique installs from US, Canada and Australia
  • $0.50 per unique installs from western Europe
  • $0.30 per unique installs from other countries

We’re looking for content creators of all types, but here’s what you gotta have no matter what:

  • Youtube: 5,000+ average views per video in the past 30 days.
  • Live streaming: 50+ average concurrent viewers on your livestreams in the past 30 days.
  • At least 50% of your content has to be related to supported games in the partners program.

Approvals usually takes up to 2 weeks, and we’ll reach out with an answer if an application has been accepted. Due to the large amount of applications however, we won’t reach out if the application is denied.

Assets for Promoting

Having a good call to action is key when promoting an app and getting downloads. Explaining that checking out and downloading an app that the user might find useful, will support your channel directly with revenue is key when promoting. While this is the most effective thing to do, many creators do find it a bit cumbersome or just outright forget to include a call to action.

A good strategy is to provide a little graphical popup in your video or stream with a small reminder to your users that you have a download link in the description that helps out you as a content creator. We have therefore made a package of graphical assets you can use for callouts for youtube videos and twitch streams. Included are also banners in google ad formats if needed for blogs or twitch panels and of course our base logos if you want to make your own. You will also find a royalty-free sound effect if you want to add some sound to the graphical pop-ups. Download below:

Promotion Example
Show a non intrusive call-to-action to your users

More than a deck tracker

MTGA Assistant aims to be far more than just a deck and draft helper; it is a symbol of Aetherhub’s vision of expanding upon the game, merging tools, metagame, and community with the game we love.

The assistant expands on the game, serving you metagame information, content creator videos, deck guides and writeups inside of the game. It is quick and easy to compare your collection with any meta or user deck on the website. Use the built-in Deck Hub Search tool to explore AetherHub decks, see a summary of your ranked seasons, study your earlier drafts and go through each of the picks. Or view your card collection by set to see what cards you are missing.

Working with OverWolf

The creators of have joined forces with the Overwolf Team to provide you with an MTG Arena extension that serves all your Arena needs, from deck tracking, draft helper to collection summary and metagame information. We also have many features planned for future releases and all updates within the client happen automatically!

Working with Overwolf enables us to have powerful In-game overlay capabilities and at the same time develop in-game apps using web developement tools without the need to master C++. They help us monetize our app so that we can focus on building the best app for MTG Arena.

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MTGA Assistant is powered by For any questions or feedback on the assistant contact us on Discord or via the AetherHub support page below. If you need help with Overwolf, contact them on their support page.