Everything you need for MTG Arena in one extension, draft helper, deck tracker, metagame data, latest decks from content creators and collection summary. It helps you improve your game by assisting with vital deck information and draft tier lists. Automatic updates and launches whenever you start the game.

Collection summary

Collection tracking

Summary of your card collection by color, rarity, lands, unique and total progress. The hidden vault progress is also displayed so you are able to see when you can open your chest full of wildcards.

Deck tracker

Deck tracker

Compact and minimalistic deck tracker, can be hidden away easily. Shows draw percentage for each card in your library, togglable options for font and columns.

Draft helper

Draft helper

Draft ratings with comments from Luis Scott-Vargas. Shows you how many cards will wheel and syncs with your collection, no need to exit the draft to check if you own a rare or mythic.

Recent Opponents

Collection tracking

Logs all your encounters with opponents, their rank, avatar, card back and also the MatchId in case reporting to Wizards is required. Copy nick button to easily add your opponents to your friendslist.

Meta decklists

Deck tracker

Keep up to date with the current meta, meta snapshots and decklists from the recent MTG Tourneys are available from the meta pages.

Set summary

Draft helper

Get a full overview of how your collection set progress is coming along with the collection tracker.

Teaming up with Overwolf

The creators of Aetherhub.com have joined forces with the Overwolf Team to provide you with an MTG Arena extension that serves all your Arena needs, from deck tracking, draft helper to collection summary and metagame information. We also have many features planned for future releases and all updates within the client happen automatically!

It is important for us to make a good experience for the users and at the same time, leverage the power of AetherHub and provide useful metadata to our users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have problems seeing any data in MTGA Assistant?
You need to enable the Detailed Logs option in MTGA Arena. You can find it by clicking the Settings icon in the top right corner, then clicking "Account" to find an option called "Detailed Logs (Plugin Support)". Tick this off and restart MTG Arena.

How do I get the extension to auto-start when I launch Arena?
If you installed without making any changes to Overwolf the app should start automatically when you launch MTG Arena. Note that Overwolf needs to always be running in the system tray to detect when you start the game, this is why it starts with Windows. If you find that MTGA Assistant does not start when Overwolf is running and you launch the game check the following: Right-click the Overwolf icon in your system tray, select Settings and go to the "Games Overlay" section. Here you will see all installed extensions per game, click on MTG Arena and make sure MTGA Assistant is set to Auto launch.

Does this extension work with the Epic Games version of MTGA?
Yes, it does. MTGA through Epic games is creates another MTGA install and can side by side the normal MTG Arena client. But the logs on both are written to the same folder.

Where can I see your Privacy policy?
This extension can be used without having to register an account, so you do not have to give away any information to use MTGA Assistant. MTGA Assistant is part of the AetherHub.com family and you can see read their Privacy policy here and their Terms and Conditions here. Overwolf's Privacy Policies can be found in this link and their terms of use are here.

Where the MTGA log file you read?
The path varies depending on your username but you can use this universal path to get to the log file: %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Wizards Of The Coast\MTGA
The log file we read is called: output_log.txt

How to disable ads?
We appreciate you using MTGA Assistant and serve ads to help fund our services and make them free for everyone. By keeping the ads away and as low-key as possible and place them in zones where they are not in the way. Currently, we are working on an option to embed AetherHub accounts into MTGA Assistant and remove ads for users with a Premium account.

Does this extension and Overwolf use a lot of resources?
The measured performance is low but there are several factors here too, enabling extended logging in MTG Arena outputs a lot of text to a log file all the time. This log file has to be read in realtime constantly for the engine to track everything. Then the data has to be parsed by the extension who runs on top of the Overwolf application. Slower and older systems that already has trouble running the game will definitely not run any smoother, but the system resources used in Windows are low. If you experience slowdowns on a system you feel should run smoothly you should report this as a bug to Overwolf.

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MTGA Assistant was made by the AetherHub.com team. For any questions or feedback on the assistant contact us on Discord or via the AetherHub support page below. If you need help with Overwolf, contact them on their support page.