They say even a potato PC can run MTG Arena, but how much of this is really true nowadays?
Your go-to guide for playing MTGA For Free. Here's how to build a collection for $0.
MTG Arena's UI may be largely automated, but that also brings other peculiarities in matches.
A breakdown of how duplicate & reprint protection work on MTGA. Plus, how you can track collection.
Learn your way around the digital battlefield with these MTG Arena keyboard shortcuts.
An overview plus brief descriptions of the formats available in MTG Arena.
Everything you need to know to master "Mastery Passes" on MTG Arena.
Interested in playing MTGA and unsure where to start? This how-to-play guide has you covered!

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MTG Arena Events

November 23–December 5: Quick Draft: The Lost Caverns of Ixalan
November 29–December 5: Festival: The Immortal Sun Historic
December 5–22: Quick Draft: Wilds of Eldraine
December 5–7: Midweek Magic: Alchemy Cascade
December 8-10: Festival in a Box Chaos Sealed Event Schedule
December 8, 6 a.m. PT–December 9, 3 a.m. PT: Qualifier Play-In Best-of-Three The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Sealed

Limited Top Players

#1 variancekills The Horde
Mythic #62
#2 MagisterLudi
Mythic #68
#3 Lepnix
Mythic #128
#4 Lloyd8717
Diamond Tier 1
#5 Tabarnack
Diamond Tier 2
#6 HalfwayDown
Diamond Tier 4